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Hi! I am Beverly Polen, owner of and designer for Guneaux Designs.  Before discussing Guneaux Designs, I will share a few personal tidbits with you. I am Christian and believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and my relationship with the one and only God is my number one priority!  I am a Mom of two beautiful daughters (or maybe I should say two beautiful ladies) who are very successful in their lives. I am so very proud of both daughters and their accomplishments. They will never know just how much I love them, and they are very special people to me.

My daughters have given me one of God’s most precious gifts: three absolutely wonderful grandchildren. There is nothing like having grandchildren!  My grandchildren mean the world to me.  I miss them like crazy when I don’t get to see them.  As a baby boomer, I would be elated if I could see them every day.

I had a very successful career with the federal government in a field requiring extensive legal knowledge.  I achieved my goal of reaching the highest General Schedule level within the Federal Government.  After 30 years of working hard, I decided in 2003 that it was time to retire and pursue more fulfilling things in life, like Guneaux Designs. It was good that I retired as within several months of retiring, I was diagnosed with cancer. However, with God’s grace, I am a survivor and doing well.

Making greeting cards for my family and friends is something I love and have done for years. Initially, I made cards using various computer software. In 2005, I was introduced to hand-made cards, using rubber stamps.  I jumped in with both feet. In 2006, I was introduced to Stampin’ Up! (SU) stamp sets. I was amazed that there were stamp sets with coordinating stamps as well as coordinating paper and inks. No more buying individual stamps, playing the mix and match game. I was so impressed by the quality of the SU products that allowed me to make beautiful and creative greeting cards. I have been hooked ever since and my creativity continues to blossom.  I have broadened my skill set by creating with many other products outside of SU.

Guneaux Designs was established on June 30, 2010.  Serving as a Paper Craft Consultant, I love sharing with others my love for stamping and my artwork. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do creating it.  I think “outside of the box” when creating my art.  Ninety-nine percent of my artwork is my own creation as I do not like “casing” others work.  Therefore, you can always learn new things on my site.
Thank you for stopping by; I greatly appreciate your visit.
God’s Blessings to You!
Beverly Polen
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  1. Bev, it’s nice to read about you. I’ve been seeing you on SCS and hopped over to your blog to read more. Where in Florida do you live? We are in South Florida. Warm hugs (although I look forward to the temps to warm up)!

    • Cheryl, how sweet of you to visit my site and leave a comment. It’s great to have another Floridian among the stampers on SCS!! I’ll email you with more information.

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